A. Items to be returned under Warranty

All Goods supplied by FSW are covered by a warranty period of a minimum of one year from the date of sale. In some cases, a longer period of Warranty is provided by the Manufacturer of the Goods and where this is the case, this warranty will be given by FSW to the customer.

Where goods are deemed not to be of merchantable quality or defective, and they are within the period of the warranty, then a request can be registered on the FSW RMA (Return Merchandize Authorisation) portal. Once a request has been received by FSW, it will be processed as quickly as possible and a response given to the customer by email. The item must not be returned until advised by FSW. The email will contain either an RMA authorisation number, or alternatively, a reason for rejection of the warranty claim.

The issue of the RMA authorisation number does not constitute acceptance that warranty has been agreed by FSW or the manufacturer, but it does confirm that the item as identified by the customer and the date of the invoice which has been entered in the RMA system, does fall within the Warranty period and therefore the request for a Warranty claim can proceed to the next stage, which is to ship the item to FSW and in turn the manufacturer, for inspection and confirmation that the warranty is valid.

When returning the item, it must be accompanied by the RMA Packing slip and RMA Shipping label, with the RMA number that you have received visible on the returned product, otherwise the Warranty claim cannot be processed.
Any product returned to FSW must be complete and contain all parts as originally supplied. Compressors returned must be properly sealed, with caps fitted or brazed and with all relevant electrics.
If items are received back incomplete or if compressors are not sealed, then the warranty claim will be voided and you will be advised accordingly.

All warranty items must be returned to us within 30 days from the date of the RMA authorisation date. The RMA will expire after this 30 day period and therefore you cannot return these goods to us, using this RMA number after this period.

Advanced Warranty Replacement

FSW understands that on occasions, it is inconvenient to be without the Goods whilst undergoing our Warranty procedures. In the event that a customer requests replacement Goods prior to the Warranty claim being processed, we will make a full charge for the Goods, including delivery charges. The customer must return the goods that have identified as being faulty within 7 days of reporting the original claim. Upon receipt and examination of the returned Goods under Warranty, if they are found to be faulty, a refund covering the replacement cost of the goods will be processed as quickly as possible.

B. Items surplus to requirements, for return for credit

You may return a Standard Stock item (FSW Alpha numeric or XX part numbers) to us for a refund or replacement, providing the return is agreed in advance by an authorised FSW employee, and it is subject to the returned part being in an ‘as new’re-saleable condition, contained in the original packaging.
If you wish to return the relevant part within 48 hours of purchase, please contact the relevant FSW branch & providing it meets the above conditions, you will be given an immediate 100% credit.
If you wish to return the relevant part and it is greater than 48 hours from your purchase date, then you must agree the return in advance with an authorised FSW employee and then process the return request through the FSW RMA Returns system. The name of the FSW person who has agreed the return must be included in your RMA request in the field ‘Detailed Problem Description’ which is part of the ‘Enter other information’ Page of the FSW RMA portal.
Once an RMA request has been submitted by you we will endeavour to process your request as quickly as possible. We will confirm that the information entered by you is valid and we will provide an RMA number authorising you to return the goods to your nearest FSW location. The RMA packing slip, containing the RMA number must accompany the goods. If the return is not processed through our RMA system or goods are returned to us without an accompanying RMA number, the goods cannot be accepted, unless the return has been made within 48 hours of purchase (as per the above – return within 48 hours of purchase).

If the goods returned are in an ‘as-new’, re-saleable condition, and providing they are returned in the period up to 30 days from date of original sale, then a 100% credit will be given to you and no restocking charges will be applied; if the goods are returned on a date that is greater than 30 days from the date of original sale, then a restocking charge of 25% of the price of the Goods will be made.

All items for return for credit, must be returned to us within 30 days from the date of the RMA authorisation date. The RMA will expire after this 30 day period and therefore you cannot return these goods to us, using this RMA number, after this period.

Goods that have been specially ordered for you using YY, ZZ or ‘Manual’ part numbers cannot be accepted for return; if they are returned to us, no credit will be given.

C. Reporting damages

Any damages received on delivery must be reported within 24 hours of receiving goods; if not reported within 24 hours, no credit will be given.

Process for Creating an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorisation)

1. Create a Request by logging in to our RMA website
If you do not have an account, please click "Create an Account" and enter all valid information - name, shipping address and an email address.

2. Once registered, you can use the RMA system to create returns requests. Please select the appropriate ‘Reason for Return’ category for your item and record a ‘Detailed Problem Description' in the relevant field.

3. We will review your request and respond to you by email, as quickly as possible; please do not return your item until you have received any further communication back from us. If your request is approved you will receive a notification email with your RMA number and you can login to the RMA website to print 2 copies of your RMA packing slip and RMA Shipping label so that you can then return your item to the nearest FSW location.

You can log in to our RMA website at any time to check the status of your request.